About Us

The SEO Adviser is one of the best SEO service providers in the United States. We are a market leader and utilize the best SEO practices to optimize your website or business. This is a sure way of increasing traffic to your site. Our team of experts is committed to ensure that you get a high ranking on SERPs. We will achieve this through a wide range of services including, link building, website optimization and monthly promotions among others.

We are a reliable partner, strategically positioned to meet all your SEO needs. We offer tailored services that are within your budget. Our SEO techniques are effective and are proven to improve your online presence. The performance of your website will improve drastically on Google and other popular search engines. We combine different services to get you the best results.

The Crews Behind The SEO Adviser

We have the best team of SEO gurus and this is what makes The SEO Adviser your best bet. We have different experts, who specialize in different aspects of search engine optimization. This crew will analyze and understand your needs so as to come up with a tailored approach to optimize your website for search engines. We want to ensure that you get a great return on investment. Below are the experts that make up The SEO Adviser Crew.

Senior SEO Specialist
Samueal Smith

Samueal Smith has great experience in all matters that pertain to search engine optimization. He carries great analytical and digital marketing skills. He will ensure you website gets higher rankings on search engines.

Content Marketing Manager
Donald Bates

Donald Bates ensures that all the content that is created for backlinks is unique and of high quality. His research skills, writing, proofreading and editing abilities see to it only quality content is submitted.

Client Service Manager
Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart comes with great project management skills. She will ensure that clients get updates and detailed reports on the status of the order. She heads the teams that are working with different clients.

Quality Backlink & Outreach Specialist
Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis ensures that we live up to the principle of quality over quantity. He will reach out to authority sites to acquire quality backlinks. He is a quality controller, you can be sure of high quality backlinks.


Our Skills & Expertise

The SEO Adviser intends to make it easier for you to get to the 1st pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have the right set of skills and over 8 years of experience, which works as a perfect combination to get you to the top, within a short while. Our results speak volumes and we have so many happy clients. The team of experts pays keen attention to details and has extensive knowledge of SEO.


Our objective is to solve all your SEO issues and increase your page ranking on SERPs. We will enhance your online presence and create high quality leads and links to your website. You can fully rely on SEO Adviser to off top notch solutions.

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No Software, No Automation Only 100% Manually SEO Services Guaranteed.

How Do We Work For The Client Satisfaction?

The SEO Adviser takes every client quite serious and this is why we put our best foot forward. We keep learning about new SEO techniques and strategies so as to remain at the top. Any suggestions that we will recommend are carefully thought out and tested to generate quality results. Our goal is to optimize your business and make it viral on all leading search engines.  To be able to give you full satisfaction here are the measures we take.


There is a dedicated team that will analyze and audit your Website. From the analysis, we are able to form an opinion on the best approach to take in providing SEO services. We have an experienced team of analysts, who will interrogate every aspect so as to give you the best options.


We love to keep our clients up to date, with every step we make and each achievement. If we are creating backlinks, we will alert you when we acquire a new authority backlink. We provide a comprehensive report, periodically, so that we can be on the same page.


Most webmasters use the same strategies for different clients. However, at SEO Adviser, we treat each client uniquely. This is the reason we offer custom strategies that are tailored to meet your needs effectively. We use a combination of different techniques so as to ensure that we have the best results.


Once we have analyzed your needs and created a report. We will pick the strategies that work for you and implement it. We will monitor the stats of your site, during the implementation so that we can figure out what works perfectly for your needs.

What We Offer

When it comes to SEO, there is so much that goes into the process. We appreciate that this is a long term process and because we want to give quick results, we will pick the strategies that will work to your advantage. We have link building services, monthly SEO package, getting high authority links and any other SEO service that you may need.

High Quality Outreach Backlinks

We guarantee you that we will work round the clock to offer high quality outreach backlinks that will increase your domain authority and page rank.

Expired Web 2.0 (Tumblr+Weebly+Over-blog)

We have quality tools that help us to find expired web 2.0 sites, which we can acquire and rebuild. We hunt for the sites with a high PA and offer them to our clients.

Authority Backlinks

All our backlinks are created through sites that have a high domain authority. As such, when they link back to your site, you will enjoy more traffic. We offer high quality backlinks that are proven.

GSA Backlink

Are you looking for backlinks in bulk? Well, with our GSA backlink team, we will be able to generate quality backlinks, in volumes. This is an automated link building process ideal for search engine ranking.

Monthly SEO Services

We offer comprehensive SEO services on a monthly basis. This includes on page SEO, web 2.0 backlinks, high authority backlinks and so many others. The package you will get is tailored to your niche and site.

Advance On page SEO

Our advanced on page SEO is a strategy to generate quality content. This is an effective strategy, which will strengthen your site such that you will have high ranking results on SERPs, almost immediately.

Web 2.0 Backlink with tier backlink

To ensure that our clients get value for their money, we offer web 2.0 backlink with tier backlink. This means that the backlinks will be at different levels and this will boost your page rank as well as traffic flow.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

The only way that your WordPress site will help your SEO strategies, is if the speeds are optimal. We have the tools to optimize the speed of the site so that it loads pretty fast.

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The Online Business Entrepreneur – We Work For !

The moment you contact us, do not think of us as strangers. We work for a number of online entrepreneurs that are renowned. We become your partners for your SEO needs. As such, we will allow you to focus on your core business, while we handle all matters that pertain to search engine optimization. Feel free to contact at any time to get quality SEO services and advice.