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Expired Tumblrs (Expired Web 2.0)

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Expired Tumblrs (Expired Web 2.0)

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Expired Web 2.0 sites come with tons of benefits in search engine optimization. The SEO Adviser is a market leader in search engine optimization and we understand the benefit of the Web 2.0s. There a number of platforms that allow the reregistration of expired Web 2.0 sites like Overblog, Tumblr and Weebly among others. With our expertise we will scrape these sites and help your website with Google Rankings.


Such sites carry so many benefits and our service is geared towards helping your website take advantage of these benefits. These sites have a high PA and DA and they will be a great source of high quality link juice. This is an affordable option as it presents quality indexing facilities, within a short time.


The SEO Adviser has developed a great strategy that will draw the best links from this expired sites. We will find the ones that are relevant to your niche and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

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Make WordPress Load In Below 2s | Google, Pingdom, Gtmetrix 100% Green Score with Guaranteed Speed Boost

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What Are Expired Tumblrs?

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If you were actively involved on the internet around 2008, you must have heard about Tumblr. This is a huge platform that allows users to register subdomains as websites and can add content. However, if the website is not active for more than 2 years, Tumblr will shut it down and this is what is considered to be expired.


The moment it is expired, it is put up for grabs and anyone can take it up and reregister it and use it as they choose to. This is what we have been doing for most of our clients and this has generated great results as far as ranking on SERPs goes. You can have your website get this boost as well. Just get in touch with our experts.

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Our Customers Us. Here’s Proof.


Nothing Makes Us Happier Than The Satisfaction Of Our Clients. Here Are Some Feedbacks From Satisfied Clients Of SEO ADVISER


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Traditionally, anything that has expired is not good and does not have any value. However, this is not the case with Tumblrs, as they are quite useful and important to current SEO strategies. The thing is, even after there have expired, there are backlinks that still head in their direction and our biggest task is to point them to your website. The backlinks will be useful to rank your site as they are a great source of DA juice. All we will need to do is find the ones that relate to your niche and get them to work for you.


The expired Tumblrs are powerful tools that some of the webmasters are yet to discover. They come with a very high Page Authority and Domain Authority. It will be our responsibility to hunt the expired Tumblr blogs that will be of great benefit to your website.

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Are you wondering how you can get some DA juice for your main site? Then allow us to take up this task by offering you our expired tumblrs services. These are web 2.0 sites that are ready to go and are juiced up, waiting for you. The advantage is that they are aged, as they can only be expired if not used for more than 2 years. There is also the advantage that they come with natural backlinks. The page authority for most of these Tumblrs is above 30 and as such, you can easily squeeze some high DA juice from them.


If you were to start a new Private Blog Network site a fresh, it would take some time for it to give you the results that you may want. You will need to find other options to push its ranking up. This will not give you instant juice to your website and will actually take some time. This comes down to how time you may have to invest in such blogs.


With the expired Tumblr blogs, they have already matured and have ready juice. Since we have experience in this, we will buy the right one and ensure that you are only getting high quality DA juice being sent to your main site. This is a good option to try out and you will be amazed by the results.

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Now that you have heard about expired Tumblrs, it is important to note that not everyone have an understanding on how they work. We are the leading SEO consultants in the USA and have mastered the skill of expired Tumblrs. We will test for the sites and only pick what is good for your main site and niche. Our key services include:

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There is so much that we will do and at the end of it all, you can be sure that you will have a high page rank for your site, within a very short period of time. We combine these with other SEO services as well to give you the best results.

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We have full confidence in our website page speed optimization service. As such, we can assure that this is the way to improve your website drastically. However, in the unlikely event that we do not boost the speed of your website, we assure you of a full refund of your money in 30 days.

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There are many SEO experts out there on the market and even there are some website owners choose to take us search engine optimization. However, this has made most of them be kicked out and lose their rankings on Google. The SEO Adviser is the leading expert in the USA and we have the right skills and experience in this field. We have a wide array of expired Tumblr services that we will offer and help in pushing your to the top page of Google. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more!

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