Samueal Smith

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My Skills & Expertise

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My key role on The SEO Adviser is to review, analyze and create changes to your website. I am directly responsible for the optimization of websites to ensure that they rank high on search engines. It is my job to see to it that your website is on the top SERPs. I have to take decisions on what needs to be on your website and ensure that all the strategies are synchronized and working towards boosting the ranking on search engines.

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Samueal Smith Area of Specialization

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Samueal Smith has in-depth knowledge of various SEO strategies, including, keyword research, SEO audit, Competitor strength and weakness analysis, and SEO Strategy implementation. He is the bond between all the other departments and will combine the various ideas to increase traffic to your site.

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The SEO Adviser Is Filled With A Variety of Quality Backlink, Made Especially For You.


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