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Slow loading speed makes it harder for a site to ensure optimum UI/UX as well as rank well on SERPs. This is where WP Speed Optimization services come in to ensure faster site speed and success for your business.

Professional WordPress Speed Optimization Services.

A site with a slow loading speed is bad for user experience as well as makes it harder to rank top on SERP. So, if you are dealing with a slow website, you may understand the value of speed and WordPress optimization.

As a WordPress speed optimization service provider, we’ve successfully optimized 1500+ sites and can help make your sites load lightning fast too!

We can fix your website’s slow loading issues, troubleshoot slow backend issues, Core Web Vitals issues to score perfect in Google PageSpeed Insights, optimize WooCommerce site speed, & go on.

Why is WordPress Website Speed Important?

People search online to get any information, products, and services, and once finding a relevant site when they enter into the page, they want speed. In that case, if your website takes a long time to load, it will adversely affect the UI/UX, SEO metrics for site speed, and your overall business.

Did you know that a 1-second delay in response to your page can result in a 7% reduction in your site conversions? Similarly, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of your total visits will leave your site. Therefore, Google measures a site’s core web vital score to satisfy searchers and ensure better performance. In fact, Google considers site loading speed as a factor in search rankings.

However, on the other side a faster loading site, leads to getting higher traffic, more user engagement, lower bounce rates, improved conversions, page views, and all-in-all a better user experience.

But, optimizing your entire site for better loading speed is not an easy process, even if it can’t be done quickly. And, this is where The SEO Adviser comes in for you. As a WP speed optimization service provider, we’ve been working for years to help website owners so that their site can optimize with faster speed to ensure the best UX and a higher SERP ranking. So, are you ready to make your site super speedy?

WordPress Speed Optimization Service Features

Our WordPress speed optimization service includes several features to optimize your site for faster speed. We inspect all your pages, identify the factors causing your site to load slow, and take actions in accordance.


We recommend DigitalOcean on Cloudways and using PHP 7.4, Maria DB 10.5, and increasing the memory limit to 256 MB. Also, we’ll assist you with migrations, upgrading servers, and settings tweaks.


WP Rocket has been rated #1 on numerous Facebook polls because of its various features and benefits. To make the most of it, we configure WP Rockets’ settings, as this can help to solve multiple items in GTmetrix.


We set up page rules, firewall rules, Rocket Loader, Railgun, and DNS configuration, and offer a free CDN of Cloudflare configuring with advanced settings inside the dashboard for all our clients to get a higher speed.


Images can be optimized by serving scaled images, specify image dimensions, etc. We optimize images from a CDN, removing the EXIF data, and serving using the WebP format.


It doesn’t matter what type of font you’re using; it can be Google Fonts, Font Awesome, or another external font type; The SEO Adviser can fix most font-related errors and optimize them all.


Some plugins load on your overall WordPress site. We disable these plugins from loading on particular content to reduce the number of requests on your site, which will ultimately increase your site speed.


We’ll review your current plugins and figure out ones that you can combine, delete, or replace with faster and better-optimized plugins, and provide a list of more than 65 slow WordPress plugins to avoid.


Third-party requests usually pull requests from outside websites like Google Fonts, Analytics, Tag Manager, even social media widgets, embedded videos, and so on. We optimize them to make your site blazing fast.


We can help you lazy loading your website images and videos to significantly improve your WordPress site’s initial load times. These are recommended by Google to improve site speed.


We go through the database manually once in a while, it can be really beneficial to clean the junk up, especially the plugin tables and transients which are left behind by the old plugins.


If your GTmetrix report for Google Analytics shows a “leverage browser caching” issue, we can fix this up for you. Though, it doesn’t improve your loading time at all; it’ll ensure getting a report with a 100% score.


Redirect issues caused due to a variety of errors like bad plugins, broken links, etc. Fixing these errors depend on your WordPress site and where the redirects come from. We can fix them up for you.


WordPress core comes in with some built-in features (Heartbeat API, trackbacks, pingbacks, saving all post revisions, etc.), which you probably don’t need. We make them disable to put less stress on your server.


You can save server resources to prevent unnecessary notifications and “bloat” in your WordPress Admin by disabling or limiting the WordPress Heartbeat API. Add a line of code or a plugin, or cache plugins, and it’s done.


We reduce the number of elements by combining CSS and JavaScript files, eliminating third-party requests, selectively loading certain plugins, and minimizing page elements to fix “Make fewer HTTP requests” error.


Spam bots hit the server anytime and consume resources at no benefit. You’ll never know that your site gets hit by spam bots until you check it by using a tool like Wordfence, and then blocking them with Cloudflare.


We ensure that your sites’ theme, plugins, and other elements are coded well. As we all know that badly coded plugins and themes often lead your page to load slowly; the same goes for your WordPress site also.


We optimize WooCommerce scripts, styles, and cart fragments. WooCommerce sites naturally require more plugins and server resources; therefore, it’s crucial to optimize to avoid your page loading slower.

Why The SEO Adviser?

Our team is well experienced in optimizing your site professionally using effective methods. From optimizing your site for Core Web Vitals to WooCommerce sites’ speed optimization, we do everything and provide you with the best service.

Dedicated Developer

We’ve dedicated and experienced web developers for your site optimization project. From planning to execution, they will always be there with you and ready to answer all your questions.

Reputed seller in BHW

We have already worked with over 500 happy clients from BHW to optimize their site for faster loading speed. All our processes are tested and proven from our real-time experience.

We Are Honest & Ethical

At TheSEOadviser, we believe in honesty, integrity, and respecting our clients; we keep all your access information and data 100% secure. We’ll ensure improved UI/UX and a higher ranking on the SERPs.

How Can We Help You?

To help you out, we have summarized our WP page speed optimization service in 3 steps. We will always assist you in determining your exact requirements for the optimization of your site. So, let’s have a look at the steps-


Choose your Package

First, select your preferred service package from our 3 available levels. Each level includes services for websites with different numbers of web pages.


Submit your details

Then send us details about your site issues and what you expect out of the optimization. We will provide related feedback or advice to you before starting the project.


Optimization Start

As outlined in the planning stages, we’ll start working on the optimization process. The SEO Adviser’s team will do everything possible to speed up your website.

Our Done-For-You Site Speed Optimization Services

The SEO Adviser designed its WP site speed optimization services into three different packages for different users. So, choose the most suitable one that meets your requirements and budget from the below packages.

Standard Speed


One Time Payment

30 Days support
Software Version Upgrade
Browser Caching
Resize Photos
CSS Minification
JS Minification
Database Optimization
Backup Website
Caching Plugin Setup
Before & After Speed Tests
Htaccess Optimization
Core Web Vital Optimization
Max 70+ Google Score Mobile
Max 80+ Google Score Desktop
Max 70+ GTmatrix Score
Cloudflare Setup
Speed Optimization Report

Basic Speed


One Time Payment

15 Days support
Software Version Upgrade
Browser Caching
Resize Photos
CSS Minification
JS Minification
Database Optimization
Backup Website
Caching Plugin Setup
Before & After Speed Tests
Htaccess Optimization
Max 50+ Google Score Mobile
Max 60+ Google Score Desktop
Max 60+ GTmatrix Score
Speed Optimization Report

Pro Speed


One Time Payment

180 Days support
Software Version Upgrade
Browser Caching
Resize Photos
CSS Minification
JS Minification
Database Optimization
Backup Website
Caching Plugin Setup
Before & After Speed Tests
Htaccess Optimization
WooCommerce Optimization
Core Web Vital Optimization
Max 90+ Google Score Mobile
Max 90+ Google Score Desktop
Max 90+ GTmatrix Score
Cloudflare Setup
Security Setup
Speed Optimization Report

WordPress Speed Optimization Improvement Result

For every project, we run a performance report before and after so that we can compare the improvement of your site. In fact, running a performance report is a part of our WP page speed optimization service. You can have a look at the following snapshots to understand the advantages of WordPress site speed optimization.

What Clients Say!

We’ve provided our services to hundreds of our clients. Our happy clients never skimp on talking about our services. Here are their reviews about us and our services, which will help you to know us better

Received my report and the site speed has increased tremendously. After optimization; Google pagespeed: Mobile/Desktop 99/98.


Elite Member

wow! very very good service! OP really know how to speed up a website. also, a lot of tips, suggestions and explanations was given to me by OP.


Power Member

I was SUPER impressed by the work that OP have done to my website. I bought the $150 package, and the service I got was totally worth the money.

Headmaster Cid

Regular Member

As a WP Speed Optimization service provider, we often encounter certain issues and get frequent queries from clients. Here are the most common question and their answers for you:

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We’ve optimized over 1500 sites and can help make your website load lightning fast too!

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services can effectively fix your website’s slow loading issues, troubleshoot slow backend issues, optimize WooCommerce site speed, make your site score perfect for all Core Web Vitals metrics in Google PageSpeed Insights, & many more.

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